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  1. Dear Sir,
    Thanks for this interesting story about the development of the B5W32AT!
    I just found a good working copy of this model and consider purchasing it. Three questions: (1) Has this model been developed outside Philips and has Philips purchased the model for sales? (2) What was the price of this model back in 1963 and (3) Do you know if it did sell successfully?
    I am working at Philips for 22 years now, we still have a Philips development and manufacturing site in Austria (Klagenfurt) but not for Audio/Video anymore. Thanks & regards, Alfred Zwikker

    • Thank’s for your comment.
      THe model was developed at Hornyphon in Vienna. Horny belongs to Philips since 1927.
      The name changed to Philips Fernehwerk and later to Philips Videowerk.

      Two development engineers developed this radio as usual also for other projects.
      Mr. Weinzettl was responsible for the mechanics and I developed the electrical part.
      The FM-Unit was a part from Eindhoven. If you have found a working model congratulations.
      THe HF- and ZF- transistors are AF114 to AF117 which have a design problem to built whiskers of tin inside the housing resulting in shorts between the pins of the device. This may be valuable info for the future s the set. You can find info about in the internet. The successores AF124…AF126 which were not suffering on this problem were also produced in Klagenfurt. See also my blog about.
      The price was ~ 3500 ATS which is ~250 Euro. But it was high for 1963. More than 1 month income avg.
      The commercial success is not traceable for me.
      Klagenfurt I know well. I was often there.

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