A simple software to control the Si5351A clock generator chip

Habe gerade einige Breakout Boards SI5351 erhalten.
Unglaublich die Funktionsvielfalt.

NewURL: https://dk7ih.de

A fellow radio amateur who visited my website gave me a hint for a very cheap module that is capable of generating rf sginals up to 200 MHz. It is the well-known Si5351A clock generator chip made by Silicon Labs (datasheet).It is available by ADAFRUIT mounted to a breakout board using 0.1″ conventional spacing. The chip itself is very small, so by using the ADAFRUIT stuff you don’t have to bother soldering SMDs to a PCB. (Link to ADAFRUIT). The chip is designed for 3.3V supply, on the Adafruit board you can find circuits to make this chip usable for 5V supply and 5V control lines. So it is compatible to standard 5V digital equipment.


(Picture courtesy ADAFRUIT)

In contrast to the DDS chips I have been using before this one produces square waves. But especially for mixer purposes in a radio this can be an advantage…

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