Set Lockscreen on Mediapad T3

In the instruction manual I’ve not found how to set it to a desired picture. So try and error methode used.

Only the Home-screen method I found in the internet as follows:

My regular home-screen:

home_screen.pngnow touch an empty area which gives the next pic:

set_homeviascreen.pngtouch lower right corner icon and choose a pic in your gallery: DONE  proposed way 1.

A 2nd method is to use the gallery directly:

choose a pic and touch it, then touching the 3 dots right top, opening a box like this:

via_galery.pngHere you check „festlegen als“ and confirm. Changes only the home-screen, but not the lock-screen.

The following methode can change the home-screen as well as the lock-screen.

Go to Dateien or may be files in the english version and choose a pic.

Touch it and then the 3 dots right top,  a box will appear, but not the same as above:

via files.pngNow check „Verwendes als“ or may be „use as“ giving the next pic:

via_files_choose.pngSee the hook right top corner and touch it. With another pic, taken by my Lumix, vou see a window in the middle. This window would disappear if you try a screenshot.

choose_screen.pngFor your info only:  see the hook as above

In the middle window you can now choose for home-screen or  lock-screen. Confirm and it is DONE. In the pic my grandfather and me. Pic taken 1946 at hay harvesting.

I did this blog in English, cause the most readers are from US, thank you.


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